Family Law and Overtime Wage Claims

Brown Reveles Law Group is a Dallas-based family and overtime wage claims law firm, offering experienced and compassionate legal representation to clients facing a wide array of family law matters, as well as disputes involving the Fair Labor Standards Act.



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Aquí en Brown Reveles Law Group, nos preocupamos por los temas que son más importante. Con la práctica de el derecho de familia en exclusiva, podemos perfeccionar nuestra práctica. En momentos de estrés y confusión, estamos aquí para ayudarte. Tanto si se trata de divorcio, custodia, manutención de los hijos, la paternidad, la terminación, o CPS que usted está tratando, podemos ayudarle a llegar a una resolución. Contáctenos hoy mismo para una consulta.


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Thankful for your dedication.

“We are thankful for your time and dedication to our case. We appreciate that you always kept our son’s well-being as your top priority. Your responsiveness to all of our questions kept us calm throughout the process. We can't thank you enough for your hard work to make sure that we got the outcome that we wanted! You are a very knowledgeable, professional, and caring attorney.”


Ethical, knowledgeable & tough!

“When I was going through a divorce, I needed someone to represent me and my best interest in the legal process. When trying to decide who that would be, I wanted someone that was highly ethical, knowledgeable of the law, comfortable in court, tough when needed, honest with me about my options, and calming to me when needed. When I weighed all of these things, one name came to mind and that name was Angel Brown Reveles. Angel represented me during one of the most trying times of my life. And she helped me get through my divorce, looking out for my best interest while fighting to help me hold on to my dignity during the process. I had known Angel for almost 5 years at the time, I was previously her law professor and I knew what kind of student she was and her passion for family law. She was an incredible student and lawyer when I decided to have her represent me. I was not disappointed in her abilities and knowledge. When anyone ever asks me for the name of an attorney for a family law issue, I tell them I would recommend Angel every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”


Supportive of my decision.

“What also stood out was that you were supportive of my decision to get back with my wife. I am extremely grateful for this and more.”


Mediation and Collaborative Law: An Alternative to Courtroom Cost & Conflict

Traditional courtroom litigation can take a toll on your finances, your emotions and your children. A courtroom battle may be the last thing your family needs. Resolving your family law conflicts through mediation and collaborative law proceedings may be the best alternative for your family. Contact Brown Reveles Law Group to talk about all your options and plan a strategy that works best for your case.